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Menopausal skin? A guide to managing your skin

Menopausal Skin: How to manage your skin during Menopause

For the first time in a decade, you're going to have a new type of skin issue. Your skin will experience dramatic changes that may require a new skincare routine. ...

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What does naturally organic skincare mean for your skin?

Natural Organic Skincare – What Does This Really Mean For Your Skin?

General health and wellbeing are usually measured in terms of regular exercise and the importance of a balanced diet. While both of these things hold great importance, the significance of the products that we use on the outer layer of …

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Natural hand sanitizers

Hand Sanitizers: Why Buy Alcohol-Free?

Bacteria and germs are lurking everywhere you go. Every time you twist a doorknob, accept money from a cashier, push an elevator button or lean against a railing, germs can easily transfer from an affected surface to your susceptible skin. …

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Lady scratching her eczema skin rash

Eczema Skin: Causes, Treatment & Symptoms

Eczema is a condition that affects the skin. Skin is the largest organ in the human body. Skin protects against outside invaders, regulates body temperature, and produces natural oils. It also stores fat and vitamin D.  Chronic skin conditions such as …

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The Importance of Vitamin A for Skin Health

Why Vitamin A Is Essential for Your Skin: The Benefits of Retinol

What is Retinol? Retinol is the form of Vitamin A in the molecule known as Retinol. The name Retinol stands for ‘Retinoic Acid’, and it is one of the most important nutrients for your skin in protecting it from the …

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Kakadu plum growing on a bush

Everything You Need to Know About Kakadu Plum in Skincare

Kakadu Plum, also commonly known as Billygoat plum, Terminalia Ferdinandiana, Gubinge, and green plum, is a plant that blooms flowers and is native to Northern Australia. The fruit is commonly eaten fresh, ripe, and as soon as it falls from …

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Three women laughing and having a good time together.

5 Inspiring Ways To Live Life To The Fullest in 2021

Do you wake up tired, cranky, and burnt out each morning? Do you have a vision of how you’d like to live life, but have no idea how to get from point A to B? It is time for you …

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A woman examining her skin

7 Common Skincare Concerns & how to tackle them

Taking care of the skin requires effort, precision, and a whole lot of patience. Skincare products that may have worked well for years may suddenly result in acne, skin sensitivity, and dullness. Changing up your skincare routine as you age …

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Hand hygiene tips

Wash Your Hands – Hand Hygiene Tips

Washing your hands frequently is the most effective way to avoid spreading illness and getting sick. When you touch objects, surfaces or make physical contact with other people, you become more susceptible to germs and bacteria. ...

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Mental wellness

How to Maintain Your Health and Mental Wellness

Aromatherapy using essential oils has been used as a holistic treatment method for centuries for physical and mental ailments. Here is a detailed guide to various essential oils that may help users including kids to focus, relax and relieve stress …

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