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Ylang Ylang (Cananga Odorata) 100% Pure Essential Oil 12mL


Ylang Ylang (Cananga Odorata) Pure Essential Oil 12mL is a sensual oil used to evoke harmony, calm and relaxation. Ylang Ylang has a floral note which can be used to lower high blood pressure. Ylang Ylang is an aphrodisiac which can improve libido for romance. Ylang Ylang can provide stress relief and combat nervous tensions. Ylang Ylang can be used topically to relieve acne, eczema and other dermal irritations and is effective in treating dandruff and relieving the effects of psoriasis.

Combine with the following essential oils for an aphrodisiac blend:

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Additional information

Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 7 cm
Skin Concern

Pigmentation or Uneven skin tone

Active Ingredients

Cananga Odorata Flower (Ylang Ylang) Oil



Active Ingredients

-Ylang Ylang 1st Grade
-Cananga Odorata Essential Oil

How to use

Massage: Add 5-10 drops with Carrier Oil. Apply to face or body.

Bath: Add 2-4 drops in full drawn bath or corner of a shower.

Vaporiser: Add 10 – 15 drops to the Sasy n Savy electrical vaporiser.

Inhaling: Few drops on a tissue or hot water, with a towel over your head.


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