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Private Label Services
Sasy n Savy also actively engaged in developing private label products for clients all around the world. We build on the formation of long term relationships and providing premium service at a cost effective price.

Fill out the Private Label Manufacturing form below to make an enquiry into Sasy n Savy manufacturing your own private label. Steps involved in private label manufacturing:

Step 1 : Research and Development
Sasy n Savy’s research and development team is dedicated to providing clients with high level technical support, delivered with flair & innovation.

Our skilled scientists formulate modern desirable preparations using the latest techniques and materials. In carefully balancing the technical attributes of the formulations, they ensure all requirements of compatibility, stability, regulatory standards and clients expectations are met.

Step 2 : Product Development
We work closely with our clients to maximise the potential of their products within their budget and timeline. We provide the latest marketing information, formulations, packaging technologies and packaging design trends.
The client can also benefit from our:
Graphic design process
• Quality Assurance
• An extensive archive of local and overseas packaging and ingredient components
• A library of international industry publications to monitor fashion trends
• Our product samples are tested for stability & efficacy trialing and microbiological examination

Step 3 : Production and Manufacturing
Our experienced staff  take pride in delivering products that meet the highest expectations of our clients within their budget and time. Continual evaluation and freighting expertise delivers product to the consumer safely & economically.

Step 4 : Marketing
Sasy n Savy staff travel extensively visiting overseas markets and undergoing both national and international exhibitions.
We monitor and interpret fashion and consumer trends locally and internationally. We offer the latest in product innovation and packaging technology to our clients. We work closely with clients creating products and developing marketing strategies to maximise the sales potential within specific market segments.