Rejuvenate Massage Oil 125mL

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Rejuvenate Massage Oil 125mL

Has natural oils to enhance bloody circulation, reduces blood pressure and uplifts the mind, body and spirit. It also reduces stress by helping to release toxins and endorphins from the system. The oil being a natural hydrator it nourishes and conditions the skin and helps to rejuvenate dry, aging, and dull skin. Also helps to prevent water loss from the body, it keeps our body toned and beautiful.

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Rejuvenate Massage Oil 

-Jojoba Australia
-Lime & Rosemary Essential Oil
-Coconut Oil and Vitamin E


Massage: Apply directly to the skin and massage in a circulation motion to promote and enhance your well-being and vitality.

Bath: 1 – 5 ml placed in a fully drawn bath.